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Content Packaging

The 1EdTech Content Packaging specification describes data structures that can be used to exchange data between systems that wish to import, export, aggregate, and disaggregate digital content and courses. 1EdTech content packages enable exporting content from one learning content management system or digital repository and importing it into another while retaining information describing the media in the content package and how it is structured, such as a table of contents or which web page to show first. This standard is focused on the packaging and transport of resources but doesn’t determine the nature of those resources. This is because the specification allows adopters to gather, structure, and aggregate content in an unlimited variety of formats. The 1EdTech Common Cartridge standard is derived from this standard. This 1EdTech specification is available as an ISO standard [ISO/IEC 12785].

Content Provider

1EdTech’s interoperability design relies on two important roles: consumer and provider. Consumers and Providers can be related to tools, content, or services. A Content Provider hosts the content to be used in the Consumer. Examples of Content Providers include an externally hosted platform or server containing an open educational repository or "for-purchase" digital content.

Cookie-Less LTI Launch

OIDC Login with LTI Client Side postMessages -- For the LTI launch flow use window postMessages to store and validate state instead of cookies


Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule

COPPA imposes certain requirements on operators of websites or online services directed to children under 13 years of age, and on operators of other websites or online services that have actual knowledge that they are collecting personal information online from a child under 13 years of age.

Course Group Service

Communicates to the tool the groups available in the course and their respective enrollment.

Course Groups Service

The Course Groups Service is a new LTI Advantage extension service for LTI-enabled Tools to receive information about the groups available in the course and their respective enrollment. For example, the tool could use this information to re-use LMS defined groups rather than having to define groups within the tool.

Course Planning and Scheduling

The 1EdTech Course Planning and Scheduling standard is an application profile of the 1EdTech Learning Information Services (LIS) standard. Course Planning and Scheduling defines how systems manage the exchange of information used for the planning and scheduling of courses, the optimal use of facilities within an institution, and the corresponding timetables for people within the institution. Released as a Candidate Final document in December 2013,CPS was never made a Final Release document due to a lack of adoption by 1EdTech Members.


The abbreviation for the 1EdTech Course Planning and Scheduling standard. See Course Planning and Scheduling for more information.


Comma separated values: One of OneRoster’s 2 exchange modes that allows 2 systems to exchange flat files asynchronously.


Data Privacy

Data Privacy is the technical work at 1EdTech focused on vetting educational applications, to ensure that a minimum standard of privacy and security is met. 

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Example: 1EdTech has vetted thousands of applications used in education against the Data Privacy rubric. 

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