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Badge Extensions for Education

 Badge Extensions for Education, a 1EdTech initiative, augments the Open Badges 2.0 standard with important accreditation and assessment information to help employers and others better understand what was required to earn a badge. Badge Extensions for Education are two optional extensions—Assessment and Accreditation—to the Open Badges standard that allow an Open Badge to contain even more information about the achievement and issuing organization. First, the Assessment extension allows detailed information to be included pertaining to the assessment completed by the badge recipient. The Assessment extension describes the type of assessment (exam, performance, or artifact), whether it was a group assessment with a group evaluation, and information about how the assessment is scored. The Accreditation extension provides a way for the issuing organization to include information about related accreditation bodies, including their name and contact information, accreditation time period, and the accreditor's area of focus. For more information, see 1EdTech's Digital Credentialing Initiative and Digital Credentials and Badges Project Group Activity. Higher Education Institutional Members may be interested in the Digital Credentials & CBE Innovation Leadership Network; for more information see Higher Ed Innovation Leadership Networks.