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Early Adopters

The first educational technology suppliers committed to adoption and certification of a 1EdTech standard specification.   A minimum number of early implementations are required (as set by the Working Group creating the specification) before a Candidate Final can be moved to Final Release

Example: Blackboard, Edmentum, Hoonuit, Instructure, and McGraw Hill were among the suppliers who committed to early LTI Advantage adoption and 1EdTech certification in 2018. 


A 1EdTech standard that allows for the standardized exchange of data between the transactional systems that manage higher education administration and teaching and learning. This is a new generation of 1EdTech specifications that are:
1) For use in K-12/Schools, HED and corporate training
2) Support internationalization, accessibility and extensibility
3) Can be Profiled to meet specific regional and sector specific requirements.

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Educational/Instructional Technology

A key area of focus for 1EdTech work; describes any initiative using digital tools and resources to enhance teaching and learning.


1EdTech published the ePortfolio standard version 1.0 in June 2005. This standard enables the exchange of information about the learner, their learning activities and achievements, reflections on their experiences, goals, plans, etc. The ePortfolio is exchanged using an 1EdTech Content Package-based format. The 1EdTech Comprehensive Learner Record standard supersedes this standard.


ePub for Education is a profile for digital publishing targeted for an education audience. ePub focuses on defining accessibility features, learning objectives, and assessments that can be included in digital publishing. For more information see, ePub for Education.

Extensible Markup Language (XML)

XML is a markup language that defines a set of rules for encoding documents in a format that is both human-readable and machine-readable. 1EdTech uses XML as one of the binding data formats for the exchange of information. The 1EdTech standards that use XML/XSD include Metadata, Common Cartridge, QTI/APIP, and OpenVideo Metadata.

Extensions Framework

This is a new framework document, under development, that brings together all of the patterns available for extending a 1EdTech specification. The aim is to create a single reference document for all of the extensions patterns that MAY be used in a 1EdTech specification. A 1EdTech specification will cite, and if necessary further profile, the extension patterns to be used (data model and service extension as appropriate). If a new extension pattern is identified, this will be added to this framework document and so ensure that a common approach is always used for any of the permitted extension techniques.