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General Profile

One of the Metric Profiles defined in the 1EdTech Caliper Standard. The Caliper General Profile provides a generic event notification for describing learning or supporting activities that have yet to be modeled by Caliper.

General Web Services

The General Web Services Base Profile promotes interoperability for SOAP/XML-based web service based specification implementations on different software and vendor platforms. The Base Profile focuses on a core set of web service specifications and the most common problems experienced implementing the identified web service specifications. It is not a goal of the General Web Services Base Profile to create a plug-and-play architecture for web services or to guarantee complete interoperability. The General Web Services Base Profile addresses interoperability in the application layer, in particular, the description of behaviors exposed via Web Services. The General Web Service Base Profile is derived from the Web Services Interoperability Basic Profile v1.1 and the Web Services Interoperability Simple SOAP Binding Profile v1.0. 

Globally Unique Identifier (GUID)

(GUID) A unique label. Other providers may use "Global Unique Identifier" (GUID). Applications (LMS, SIS, CMS, and Apps) can "read" and share the GUID, making it possible to track the learners' use, activities and outcomes associated with a given Learning Standard.

Gradebook Service

One of the core services in the 1EdTech OneRoster standard. This service is used for the exchange of grade book information i.e. scores and results that have been awarded to students undertaking some form of assessed activity. A rich set of data can be exchanged about the Results, the set of Results for an assessment (LineItem), and Categories (collections of LineItems). The defined web service takes the form of JSON payloads exchanged by the communicating systems. At present this service is used extensively in the K-12/schools education sector.

Grading Profile

This is one of the Metric Profiles defined in the 1EdTech Caliper Standard. The Caliper Grading Profile models grading activities performed, typically by a person of software application. Grading a learner’s attempt at an assignment and generating a score is modeled as is viewing a result.