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This is the abbreviation for Message Authentication Code.


All 1Edtech content packaging standards (common cartridge etc) make use of a manifest which is a file that describes the contents of the package.


An XML based markup language that facilitates the use and re-use of mathematical and scientific content on the Web.

Media Profile

This is one of the Metric Profiles defined in the 1EdTech Caliper Standard. The Caliper Media Profile models interactions between learners and rich content such as audio, images, and video. Implementers can leverage a number of media-related entities including audio, images, and video. It is also possible to represent the current location in an audio or video stream.

Meta tags

Are digital labels used to specify the characteristics of a learning object. They may include information such as: Keywords, author, language, topic, reading level(s), object format (text, graphic, video), object type (content, activity, assessemnt.)


The 1EdTech Metadata standard is used to enable contextual and workflow information to be supplied about digital resources. It is derived from the IEEE Learning Object Metadata Standard [IEEE Std 1484.12.1 - 2002] and the information is exchanged in an XML format. The primary use, by 1EdTech, of this standard, is in combination with the 1EdTech Content Packaging and 1EdTech Common Cartridge/Thin Common Cartridge standards. The embedded metadata information is used to provide the context for how the resources can be used, are organized and the processes used to create the resource.


A representation of learning, awarded for completion of a short program that is focused on a discrete set of competencies (i.e., skills, knowledge, attributes), and is sometimes related to other credentials. Typically displayed using an Open Badge.